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Our Kypseli Family

The Kypseli Team

Greek heritage & culinary expertise

Our team at Kypseli boast enviable Greek credentials. Our key team players know and understand Greek cooking & hospitality.

Kypseli Taverna in the heart of Cranbrook, Kent is owned and run by an Anglo-Greek family.

Kypseli which means ‘Hive’ in Greek has been designed as a relaxed space where friends and family can meet for a coffee, a chat and a bite to eat, as well as provide a food shop and educational space.

Originally from Cranbrook, Emma married a Corfiot and ran a Taverna for many years. This resulted in dual heritage for her children and grandchildren who all now live and work locally, attending schools in the town and the surrounding area.

As a team and a family we are passionate about the Mediterranean model of family supporting other another, working alongside one another and making a contribution to community. And cooking gorgeous Greek food!

Meet the Kypseli Team

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