Yiannis our Greek Chef

Yiannis joined the Kypseli team as our Greek chef just before we opened in July 2021.

His passion for Greek cooking started early in his family’s tavernas, learning traditional methods and recipes from his Mama.

After five years in the Greek Navy as a cook, Yiannis worked in restaurants and tavernas across Greece, including in the stunning, and very busy town of Poros.

Yiannis arrived in the UK in 2015 and was soon snapped up for his culinary expertise in a Greek restaurant in Britling. After a spell running a very popular mobile Souvlaki Street Food business he was asked to join the Kypseli team.

He brings with him a wealth of knowledge in traditional methods of cooking and an extensive portfolio of Greek recipes. Some of which you may have heard of and some you definitely won’t – but once tasted, you’ll be converted forever!

Wonderfully & weirdly Greek: The Greeks spell Yannis’s name with an ‘S’ when he is not there. When he is there, you drop the ‘S’, so call him Yianni, like his name badge. Just so you know, if you can see him, or know that he is in the building, drop that ‘S’!

We followed Yiannis around the kitchen when he was making his classic moussaka.

  1. Yiannis crafts a base of minced beef and pork in rich tomato sauce.
  2. Then layers with carefully grilled aubergine
  3. Before topping with a silky bechamel
  4. Then oven baking to perfection!

No wonder people come from far and wide to sample this Greek classic!

How to eat a Yeeros Wrap

Yiannis is VERY particular about how you should eat a Yeeros – the Greek way.
It’s messy but delicious and a full face experience.
But don’t unwrap it and never, ever, ever use a knife and fork!