Kypseli Dinner Menu

Dinner served 5.30 pm – 9.00 pm
Coffee, cakes & pastries served all day
Licensed all day
Serving in Kypseli and to takeaway

Street Food Takeway Nights
Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesdays 5.30-8pm

A Gyros Wrap | A Mythos Beer | A Dessert

Our Greek wraps include pita, skin-on-fries, house tzatziki or hummous, fresh tomato, red onion and parsley, plus chosen filling (see below for options).
Call: 0800 0219 444 to order yours!

Price: £20.00

Appetisers & Cold Meze

Bread Appetisers

Basket of brioche (V NEW) £3.25

Brioche bread chunks with dipping bowl of vintage Modena balsamic and 5-star extra virgin olive oil (V VN GFO NEW) £4.55

Baskets of cheese stuffed crispy bread balls (V NEW) £3.75


Pitas Breads for dipping

Handmade 21cms diameter, served in a basket, suitable for 2 people to share

Plain £2.50

Ionian, brushed with olive oil & oregano £2.65

Chilli & herb, brushed with olive oil, chilli & mixed dried herbs £2.80

Garlic & basil, brushed with garlic butter & diced fresh basil £2.95


All Olives (V VN GF)

Classic Kalamata £3.95

Green with lemon & coriander £4.25

Green stuffed with jalapeno peppers (NEW) £4.25

Mixed with chilli & garlic or  with garlic & herb £4.25



Mediterranean spiced nuts with slices of Kefalotyri (hard white salty cheese) (V GF NEW) £4.50

Salami – succulent chunks of cured pork & garlic, garnished with 
mild green chillies (GF) £4.75

Sundried tomatoes – aged & oil preserved dressed with oregano (V VN GF) £3.95 


All £4.95 each

Fava – split pea paste dressed with extra virgin olive oil (V VN GF)

Hummous – chick pea paste, olive oil, lemon juice & fresh coriander (V VN GF NEW)

Tyrokafteri – blended feta cheese, olive oil & hot peppers (V GF)

Taramosalata – paste of cured salted fish roe, bread, potato, garlic, olive oil & lemon juice

Tzatziki – yoghurt, cucumber & garlic dip (V GF)


Cold Meze

Anchovy pesto on oil drizzled ‘dakos’ (Cretan rusks) topped with capers (NEW) £4.95

Cured Corfu beef, pork and Salado salami with cheeses (GF NEW) £5.50

Feta Fetish, mature cubes drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with paprika & oregano (V GF) £5.50

Parma ham with sliced pickled gherkins (GF) £5.25

Kypseli Meze Platter

Just for you or to share, select four items from across our 
appetisers, dips and cold meze above with two plain or Ionian pitas.

Price: £22.00 per glorious platter

Hot Meze & Main Meals

Hot Meze

Bekri Meze – ‘drunken pork’ stew, cuts of slow-cooked neck in red wine, honey, tomato, onion, garlic and peppers with a kick (GF NEW) £7.45

Gigantes Plaki – giant butterbeans oven-baked with leeks, spring onion, dill, red onion and spinach (V VN GF) £6.55

Horiatiko loukaniko – village sausage of pork, leek and garlic oven baked with red onions, courgette and peppers (GF) £7.65

Keftedes – meatballs in tangy tomato, basil, garlic and mozzarella sauce (please ask if you don’t want the cheese added) (GF) £7.65

Kolokithokeftedes – courgette and feta fritters with tzatziki on the side (V) £6.95

Manitaria me parma – oyster mushrooms pan sauteed in olive oil with parma ham, garlic, thyme, parsley and chilli (Please ask if you want a vegan option) (GF NEW) £7.50

Tyri saganaki me florinis – slab of battered Greek hard cheese on a bed of red Florina peppers served with honey, mustard, balsamic, olive oil and mint dip (V NEW) £6.25

Tyrokeftedes – mouthwatering balls of gruyere cheese, egg and flour in a crispy coat of mozzarella and breadcrumbs (V NEW) £5.50



Black eye bean, mixed pepper and parsley salad (GF NEW) £6.50

Greek (V VN GF) small for one £5.50, large for two £7.50

Tomato, mozzarella with pesto (V GF) small for one £6.50, large for two £8.50

“Create a Plate”

Design your own perfect main course by adding sides to any of our hot meze dishes

Add skin on fries (V VN GF) +£4.00

Add roasted Mediterranean vegetables (V VN GF NEW) +£3.50

Add a small Greek salad (V VN GF) +£5.50


Fabulous Fish Fridays

On the first Friday in every month we will be serving super fresh fish and seafood from 5.30-8pm.

The fish and shellfish dishes will be designed as soon as the catch is landed, so we will publish the delicious dishes and prices on our specials blackboard on the day.
Book early to avoid disappointment!



Corfu style, pita breads with toppings (V VN GFO)

Margherita, seasoned tomato passata and mozzarella small £5.95, large £7.95

Mediterranean, basil and garlic tomato passata, mozzarella, red onion and pesto small £6.95, large £8.95

Village, basil and garlic tomato passata, mozzarella, red onion, mixed peppers, black olives, fresh tomato, cheddar and feta (NEW) small £7.95, large £9.95

Extra veg toppings (V VN GF) £1.25
Onion, mushroom, pepper or spinach

Extra meat toppings £1.95
Greek sausage (GF), parma ham (GF), Yeeros chicken or Yeeros pork


Best eaten hand-held in its wrapper

Yeeros wrap – choose from pork, chicken or mixed meat all cooked with herbs and spices as your main filling, in a pita wrap with homemade tzatziki or hummous, red onion, parsley, fresh tomato and real potato chips dusted with paprika £9.95

Fritter wrap – courgette and feta fritter as your main filling, in a pita wrap with homemade tzatziki or hummous, red onion, parsley, fresh tomato and real potato chips dusted in paprika (V) £9.55

Extra sauces for wraps – spicy cheese or spicy tomato 50p


Kypseli Club Sandwich

A large lunch for one or great for sharing.
Grilled pita sandwich packed with parma ham, mozzarella, cheddar, yeeros, peppers in mild creamy mustard. Served cut in quarters with skin on fries (NEW) £15.45


Skins on Fries £4.00

Chips, made from real local potatoes from Tenterden. Served dusted with salt and oregano unless requested otherwise. (V VN, GF)

Fabulous Fish Fridays

First Friday Night Every Month, service between 5.30 and 8.00 PM.

So fresh is our fish and seafood that the menu will be published on the day and displayed on our blackboards. Please book to avoid disappointment.

Create a Plate Recommendations

You can create your own plate from hot (or cold) meze and our sides and salads, but here are a few of our favourite combos. All great value for money too!

Fritters with Roasted Vegetables £10.45
Combine our fresh fritters with rich roasted Mediterranean vegetables for a truly lush combo.

Bekri Meze & Skin on Fries £11.45
Combine our rich slow cooked pork stew with crispy skin on fries.

Meat Balls and Fries £11.65
Delicious meat balls in a tangy tomato sauce with crispy skin on fries to dip in. Heaven!

Saganaki Cheese & Greek salad £11.75
Crispy, salty battered and fried cheese contrasts perfectly with a fresh Greek salad



Almond and walnut kataifi (stuffed spun pastry) V 1 roll for £3.50

Pistachio baklava (layers of filo) V 2 bites for £3.50

Walnut baklava (layers of filo) V 1 slice for £4.50

Orange sponge pie (served cold) £4.00

Walnut sponge pie (served cold) £4.00

Add scoops of award-winning Simply ice cream or sorbet per scoop £1.50

Choose from vanilla, chocolate or honeycomb ice cream (V G)
Or lemon, mango or raspberry sorbet (V VN GF)

Traditional Biscuits

Can be dunked in tea or coffee 2 for £3.00

Almond crumble (V
Honey coated in sesame (V NEW)
Moka coated in chocolate granules (V)

Petit Four 2 for £3.00

Cocoa and praline cream V NEW
Plain vanilla filled with lemon cream V
Half coated in chocolate and coconut filled with apricot jam V


Patisserie Counter

Browse our counter to see what takes your fancy!

We don’t list any of these cakes and gateaus on our menu as they continuously change

Service Charge Policy

Kypseli Taverna does not levy service charge. It is more important to us that customers visit on a regular basis to enjoy tasty food that is good value for money. If you enjoy your time with us and the service you receive at your table, we would prefer you gift a cash tip to your waiter in person. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the service you receive, please ask to speak with a manager.

The Hive Group

Kypseli Taverna in Cranbrook opened in February 2022. It is part of The Hive, an independent family business founded in Cranbrook, Kent in July 2019, just 9 months before the first COVID-19 lockdown occurred. We are delighted to be here to serve you today and we are very grateful for your continued support.

Spread The Word

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IMPORTANT: Dietary Symbols & Requirements

V = Vegetarian (suitable for vegetarians)

VN = Vegan (suitable for vegans)

GF = Gluten Free (this symbol represents items on our menu that have been prepared gluten free as standard)

GFO = Gluten Free Option (this symbol represents items that offer the option of being prepared gluten-free upon request)

Gluten at Kypseli
Gluten-free describes foods that contain gluten at a level of no more than 20 parts per million. We use gluten-free flour to make dishes such as cheese saganaki and meatballs. Our pita breads for dipping and pita bases for topping (Corfu-style pizzas) can all be ordered gluten-free. If your gluten-free pita breads are not served in a dedicated basket especially for you, or your gluten-free pizza isn’t on a red plate, please check this with a member of our team.

Allergies & Ingredient Lists
Please inform our manager or waiter on arrival if you have an allergy, as our authentic dishes are handmade in our buzzy kitchens, so we cannot absolutely guarantee that they are 100% free of allergens and contaminants. Please also note that not all of the ingredients in each dish are listed on the menu. If you would like to know the ingredients of each dish, please ask a member of our team for our full ingredients check list.

Booking Enquiry for a table at Kypseli Taverna, No15 Stone Street, Cranbrook. But it’s MUCH quicker if you phone us on 0800 0219 444.

NB: For bookings of seven or more we take a £10 deposit per person

  • Call us on 0800 0219 444 to book your table for lunch or dinner. You can fill out this form, but we only check our email a couple of times a day, so it is much quicker and easier if you call us to discuss your booking requirements.


  • The date of your booking

  • The time of your booking and if there is any flexibility in your arrival time

  • How many people are in your party, and if any are children. For bookings of six or more people, we take a £10 deposit per person.

  • Whether anyone in your party has any dietary requirements or allergies

  • And lastly and most importantly a telephone number we can contact you on, in case we need to discuss or change your booking.

Please note that whilst we will do our very best to accommodate you and your party, we are a small venue and have limited capacity, especially during business hours. Which is why we encourage you to call us rather than email. We will however endeavour to contact you as soon as possible to confirm your booking, or to discuss alternative arrangements.