Kypseli Greek Feasting Set Menu £24.00 per person

Served 12 noon-2.00 pm & 5.30pm-7.30pm
The ultimate way to enjoy relaxed dining, or celebrations with friends and family.
xperience a bit of everything and enjoy multiple flavours.

Imagine you are invited to the home of a Greek family and they have prepared a wonderful table of different food to share. You can now experience this way of dining at Kypseli.  On arrival you will be greeted by your host. Once you are settled all the cold items from our set-menu will be brought to your tables along with baskets of warm pita breads and your drinks. Then as they come, four different hot meze are added to the table.

To book please call 0800 0219 444 at least 24 hours before table required

Greek Feasting Table

Olives & Tomatoes

Mixed olives

Sundried tomatoes


Nibbles, Pies & Dips

Barrel-aged feta and kasseri cheese plate

House dips: hummous, taramasalata, tyrokafteri, tzatziki

Spanakopita, spinach filo pie


Salad & Bread

Greek salad bowl

Baskets of pitas (one 21 diameter per person)


Four Hot Meze Dishes

We can surprise you with our Chef’s choice for the day.
Or if you are familiar with our menu at the time of booking you can specify.
Each hot meze portion is enough for two to share

Hot Meze

Our meze is freshly prepared every day, so may vary, but typical examples of hot maze dishes may include:

Bekri meze, pork stew with a kick

Gigantes plaki, giant butterbeans with spinach, leeks and dill

Halloumi panko, cheese sticks in our secret crumb with house chilli jam

Kolokithokeftedes, zucchini fritters with feta

Kokkinisto, beef stew in tomato and red wine sauce

Manitaria me parma, oyster mushrooms pan-sauteed with parma ham and chilli

Melitzana rollo, oven-baked aubergine rolls stuffed with feta, parma ham, fresh tomato sauce topped with regato and kasseri cheeses

Saganaki, fried mellow yellow cheese on charred pickled florinis peppers

Sardelles ston fourno, marinated oven-baked sardines

Spetsofai, village sausage oven based with aubergine, peppers and onion in tomato

Tyganopsimo, fried dough bread stuffed with a four-cheese and herb mix

What’s included at £24.00 per person

We can cater for all dietary requirements. Please specify when booking

Excludes drinks and desserts

 Minimum of four people

Deposit of £10.00 per person

Terms and conditions apply – links here

To book please call 0800 0219 444 at least 24 hours before table is required

The Greek Feasting Menu

A tasting experience to enjoy with family and friends

Price: £24 per person

Service Charge Policy

Kypseli Taverna does not levy service charge. It is more important to us that customers visit on a regular basis to enjoy tasty food that is good value for money. If you enjoy your time with us and the service you receive at your table, we would prefer you gift a cash tip to your waiter in person. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the service you receive, please ask to speak with a manager.

The Hive Group

Kypseli Taverna in Cranbrook opened in February 2022. It is part of The Hive, an independent family business founded in Cranbrook, Kent in July 2019, just 9 months before the first COVID-19 lockdown occurred. We are delighted to be here to serve you today and we are very grateful for your continued support.

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IMPORTANT: Dietary Symbols & Requirements

V = Vegetarian (suitable for vegetarians)

VN = Vegan (suitable for vegans)

GF = Gluten Free (this symbol represents items on our menu that have been prepared gluten free as standard)

GFO = Gluten Free Option (this symbol represents items that offer the option of being prepared gluten-free upon request)

Gluten at Kypseli
Gluten-free describes foods that contain gluten at a level of no more than 20 parts per million. We use gluten-free flour to make dishes such as cheese saganaki and meatballs. Our pita breads for dipping and pita bases for topping (Corfu-style pizzas) can all be ordered gluten-free. If your gluten-free pita breads are not served in a dedicated basket especially for you, or your gluten-free pizza isn’t on a red plate, please check this with a member of our team.

Allergies & Ingredient Lists
Please inform our manager or waiter on arrival if you have an allergy, as our authentic dishes are handmade in our buzzy kitchens, so we cannot absolutely guarantee that they are 100% free of allergens and contaminants. Please also note that not all of the ingredients in each dish are listed on the menu. If you would like to know the ingredients of each dish, please ask a member of our team for our full ingredients check list.

Booking Enquiry for a table at Kypseli Taverna, No15 Stone Street, Cranbrook. But it’s MUCH quicker if you phone us on 0800 0219 444.

NB: For bookings of seven or more we take a £10 deposit per person

  • Call us on 0800 0219 444 to book your table for lunch or dinner. You can fill out this form, but we only check our email a couple of times a day, so it is much quicker and easier if you call us to discuss your booking requirements.


  • The date of your booking

  • The time of your booking and if there is any flexibility in your arrival time

  • How many people are in your party, and if any are children. For bookings of six or more people, we take a £10 deposit per person.

  • Whether anyone in your party has any dietary requirements or allergies

  • And lastly and most importantly a telephone number we can contact you on, in case we need to discuss or change your booking.

Please note that whilst we will do our very best to accommodate you and your party, we are a small venue and have limited capacity, especially during business hours. Which is why we encourage you to call us rather than email. We will however endeavour to contact you as soon as possible to confirm your booking, or to discuss alternative arrangements.