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Anglo-Greek CuisineAnglo-Greek Deli Bar at the Hive

The Greek Taverna – Cranbrook, Kent
Call 0800 0219 444 to book a table

A bit about us, our food and its history

Here at Kypseli (meaning Hive in Greek) we use the best of Kent and Sussex produce and Greek ingredients to recreate favourite Corfiot, other island and Mainland dishes.

We are an Anglo-Greek family (Cranbrook in Kent and Corfu in the Ionian) and team that is passionate about authentic homemade Greek food. The Mediterranean diet is renowned for being the healthiest in the world and with a great deal of care in our kitchen, our head chef leads his team to make all of our food incredibly tasty too.

Corfu located off the West coast of Greece was occupied by the Venetians for over 400 years. During this time the best of Italian food blended with the best of Greek to produce various dishes that are unique to the Ionian Islands. During the same time the rest of Greece was occupied by the Ottoman Empire and so there is also considerable Turkish influence in Greek cuisine as well.

If you are new to Greek food one of the best ways to explore its flavours is to order a selection of cold and hot ‘MEZE’ (meaning small plates) to create a feast to share.

Our Service Charge Policy

Kypseli Taverna does not levy service charge. It is more important to us that customers visit on a regular basis to enjoy tasty food that is good value for money. If you enjoy your time with us and the service you receive at your table, we would prefer you gift a cash tip to your waiter in person. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the service you receive, please ask to speak with a manager.

Dimello Coffee

Kypseli will be serving the delicious Dimello Coffee range. This family run business was founded in 2002 in the suburbs of Athens, amongst the vibrant coffee culture of Greece. This quintessentially Greek brand’s mission is to select, roast & craft the finest cultured & well-balanced espresso and filter coffees, that can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere.

We hope you come and enjoy them at Kypseli.

The owner of Dimello, Alexandros Apostolopoulos, popped in recently and sampled our Kypseli menu and said “The food is delicious! As a Greek person with high expectations in Greek cuisine, I can say that the food served here is amazing! In addition, the environment is pleasant and the staff friendly and polite. An excellent place to visit. Great job, guys!”

The Kypseli Background

Kypseli in the heart of Cranbrook is being established by an Anglo-Greek family to meet demand for a relaxed space where friends and family can meet for a coffee, a chat and a bite to eat; as well as provide a food shop and educational space. Originally from Cranbrook, marriage to a Corfiot has resulted in dual heritage children and grandchildren who live and work locally and attend schools in the town and the surrounding area.

We are passionate about the Mediterranean model of family supporting other another, working alongside one another and making a contribution to community.

Tavernas are relaxed community spaces usually found in a village square or town centre in Greece, but the concept has now been re-created around the world. The word ‘taverna’ derives from Latin meaning shop and they usually combine food retail, food service and a space to privately talk or for public meet-ups and conversation. Having established a taverna in Corfu in the 1980s, which still trades to this day, the family has first-hand experience of the vibrant atmosphere and human connection that offering a welcoming space for all ages can create. Good hearty healthy food, multi-generational dining and bringing people together is what can be expected in a taverna.

What makes Kypseli Unique?

  1. Open 7 days a week (during the summer – dates to be advised). Mon-Sat during the winter months.
  2. Employing 10 local residents
  3. A food retail shop selling Kent, Sussex and Greek products from oils, vinegars and teas to honeys, chocolates, beers and wines, including an eco-friendly herb and flora-fauna tea refill centre.
  4. A delicatessen counter offering pots and platters of olives, dips, cheeses, peppers and an array other locally sourced and Greek produce.
  5. A patisserie counter offering exquisite savoury and sweet pastries, cakes and warm pita breads.
  6. Taverna tables for families to enjoy freshly produced, mostly oven-baked and one-pot specialities from our Greek kitchen with meat being supplied by butchers in the town and fresh produce from farms in the parish and the Weald.
  7. A rear terrace for guests to be able to sit outside
  8. Small foodie talks, demonstrations and workshops.
    1. Nutrition and diet
    2. The science behind healthy Mediterranean food
    3. Recipes to try at home
    4. Talks and tastings by local producers

The Hive Group

Kypseli Taverna in Cranbrook opened in February 2022. It is part of The Hive, an independent family business founded in Cranbrook, Kent in July 2019, just 9 months before the first COVID-19 lockdown occurred. We are delighted to be here to serve you today and we are very grateful for your continued support.

Spread The Word

If you have loved our food and service today we would appreciate a review. A Google review for Kypseli Cranbrook would help us most. We are also registered with Tripadvisor and Facebook. See our website footer for the links.

Hive Loyalty Schemes

Favourite Things Hive Loyalty Card

When you order, ask the team to start and stamp a loyalty card for you. Name two of your favourite things from our menu, then every time you order it we will add a stamp. Order an item nine yummy times and you will get your favourite thing or things, next time for FREE!

BeLocal Points

For every £1 spent at The Hive receive 5 reward points worth 1p each. So that’s 5p (not 5 bees) per pound, which can then be redeemed against any full price purchase on food, drink or events at The Hive.

Careers at Kypseli

Careers at Kypseli, 15 Stone Street, Cranbrook, Kent

We are recruiting for Chefs, Front of House & Kitchen Staff at Kypseli Taverna, Cranbrook. We are looking for new team players at Kypseli Taverna, No15 Stone Street, Cranbrook, Kent. Kypseli means Hive in Greek. A taverna is a community space where friends and family gather to eat and enjoy one another’s company, as well as being a local food shop. Kypseli will offer vibrant indoor and outdoor dining areas, serving delicious freshly-prepared food and will also be a speciality food shop retailing some of the very best produce from across Kent, Sussex and the Greek islands. Greek eatery with hospitality terrace Speciality food shop [...]

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